Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What the hell have we been up too ALOT.

We built this rad DJ booth trailer for Loud'n'Lit and Dropout Prom.

Sysfail is prospecting Val, who built this rad mini stack.   

Dropout group pic during Loud'n'Lit

Hope everybody is ready for Freak Bike Fall, more info to come.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dropout BC 10th Birthday weekend

So excited to say that through all the ups and down Dropout BC is still here and we are going to have a blast this weekend with bikes, friends, and fun.

Friday night club ride
meet at 9:30, ride at 10pm
Expect bike fun good times, you know how we do it!   


Brunch/Bar-bq potluck at PAZ 1pm(bring stuff for brunch or bar-bq, will be grillin during games)
Freak bikes on display group picture 3pm(Everybody bring your bike oddities for group picture)
Bike games (4pm)
--Freak Bike Dice
--Bunny hop

Saturday night
9pm we will have ride to party.


Zoobomb!, cause you know it's sort of where we all met.   

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dropout Prom 2012 Photobooth

Bike thanks to Dabe for making the photobooth so awesome again.

Dropout Prom 2012 photobooth

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pedalpalooza Dropout Prom 2012

It's 3rd year Dropout Bike Club have done a Prom theme for our June ride and some might say the third time is the charm, well maybe so since SHOW ME THE PINK is playing!

Rad America Reunion 2012! Performances by:
Show Me the Pink(Rad synth driven anthems)(midnight-ish)
Prick Scumbags(dirty rock'n'roll)(11:35)
Saucy Yoda(hiphop)(11:15)
Super Rocks(Heavy psyche rock) (11pm)

After live acts, Prom Dance party with DJ's Ash lately, Justabeats, and Sysfail)

Dress to impress then burn the rest. The awesome Photobooth will be back, thanks Dabe.
Photobooth from last year to give you idea:

Pretty in Pink -vs- Teenwolf

THERE WILL BE NO BEER STOP, since we are expecting so many people. There is a store near end spot or come prepared.

Tall Tour Crew is bringing out the jammin sound system and lighting for performers and dance party. It will be nothing less than over the top.

"Like" Dropout Bike Club on FB and get special updates for up coming rides and events.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Filmed by Bike April 13th

Filmed by Bike is April 13th this Friday
Come to the Street party.
go see the films

Then tag along with the Dropout Bicycle Blub down at 11 to the after party at Apex

Leave apex at midnight with two organized and enthusiastic leaders of the Midnight Mystery Ride -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dropout BC will have our normal 3rd Friday club ride April 20th, with bonus of films collected and made by Dropouts at outdoor location with $1 cups of beer.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dropout BC 7th Birthday(March 16-18)

March Dropout Monthly Club ride Friday night(Mar. 16), Meet at 9pm at Col. Summers Park We ride at 10pm!

Saturday events Meet at SE 56th & Woodward(Clinton City Park) at 2pm for coffee/snacks. Ride out at 3pm for start point of Freak Bike Poker Chase.

*4:20pm Freak Bike Poker chase (This will be a race made up of un-improved roads, alleys, and challenges) ends at Tall Cross track.
*6:66pm Tall Cross race

Saturday night party *ride to party meet 9pm at Col. Summers.
more fun and music, details TBA

Sunday of Slack aka Bar-bq
*Meetup Location TBA
2pm til 8
Slacker Bar-bq, craft, nurse hangovers, and just kick it.

Dropout member & Prospect Birthdays in march: Brian Sysfail March 4th David Chops March 5th Lea Littleleaf march 8th

Can also give a shout out to Coach Dan's Chainguards, as his one man army started at same time.