Monday, March 12, 2012

Dropout BC 7th Birthday(March 16-18)

March Dropout Monthly Club ride Friday night(Mar. 16), Meet at 9pm at Col. Summers Park We ride at 10pm!

Saturday events Meet at SE 56th & Woodward(Clinton City Park) at 2pm for coffee/snacks. Ride out at 3pm for start point of Freak Bike Poker Chase.

*4:20pm Freak Bike Poker chase (This will be a race made up of un-improved roads, alleys, and challenges) ends at Tall Cross track.
*6:66pm Tall Cross race

Saturday night party *ride to party meet 9pm at Col. Summers.
more fun and music, details TBA

Sunday of Slack aka Bar-bq
*Meetup Location TBA
2pm til 8
Slacker Bar-bq, craft, nurse hangovers, and just kick it.

Dropout member & Prospect Birthdays in march: Brian Sysfail March 4th David Chops March 5th Lea Littleleaf march 8th

Can also give a shout out to Coach Dan's Chainguards, as his one man army started at same time.