Monday, October 10, 2011

Freak Bike Fall 2011

Freak Bike Fall 2011 Oct. 21-23

Freak Bike Fall is fun filled weekend organized by the Portland freak bike community and friends.

More events to be added soon, let's get the wheels rolling so the out of towners get a heads up.

*Alley Cat 8:15pm(if interested in doing stop talk to Dutch or Sam), meetup at Irving Park, will end at Dropout Ride meetup.
*Dropout Bike Club Ride, meet at Col. Summers Park at 9pm and we ride at 10pm to mystery location.
----Mid-ride performance by the Sprockettes
----Bike events during bands(Rabbit's Bike Tractor Pull, Freak Drag race, and more) ----Live music at 11 brought to you by the Tall Tour Crew with (Grrrl Friend, Saucy Yoda, Drew Slum, White Fang, The Wrong Kind, Feral Pigs)
----at 1am prepare to dance with disco lights and all that jazz.

Saturday: *11am to 2pm Brunch at Irondelles Ashley's, it's her Birthday too. SE 39th/Taylor. *4pm to 10pm Block Party with bands and beer host by Dead Baby BC. *10pm ride to Afterparty
Freak Bike Olympics & Bar-BQ
*2pm under Marquam Bridge on SE side next to Hawthorne Show off your projects, bar-bq, and fun bike events
*8pm Zoobomb!
*After races, movie at Elephant House hosted by Ashley.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dropout Prom Ride - Photobooth

Big thanks to Dabe for bringing setup to take some awesome photos. Dropout Bike Club Prom Photos

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dropout Bike Club - Prom Ride

For June we are hosting a wonderful Prom ride!

We will have photo booth, vegan party punch, and your favorite Prom dance party til late with live performances by Ilima & the Sexbots, The Wrong Kind, Lamplight, Crank My Chain, and more!

Over the past 6 years, this ride has become the place to show off your newest bicycle oddities and party til late. ThunderTwins Sound System Collective will be there with bumpin sound systems. All bikes welcome, but the pace is set by the freak bikes.

Some pictures from last year: Dropout Prom Ride

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dropout Bike Club - Bike In Filmfest

Nice ride, fun films, and naked mud wrestling at 3am.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Pinata and Blake Hicks

Dropout Birthday Weekend was a blast and went off better than be planned.

dropout birthday pinata from deadbuny on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's our 6th Birthday Weekend!!!

Come celebrate Dropout Bike Club's 6th Birthday, with a weekend of riding bikes and having fun.

Word is Chops is coming up from his Teepee in Southern Oregon for this! Expect the same fun lovin club with focus on freak bikes, outdoors, and beer.

Friday: ...We will have our normal monthly club ride starting at Col. Summers Park, meet at 9pm and ride at 10pm. We will have a game stop and The Sprockettes will be performing.

Saturday: Meet at Col. Summers at 2pm for fun bike events til 5pm. -Freakbike tractor pull(Dropout making trophy) -Jousting(Dropout making trophy) -Best mount/dismount(win booze) -beverage chug relay(win more booze).

at 6pm 1st wave can either ride with DOBC for bar-BQ at party spot or go do your own thing.

Saturday Night: 2nd Wave, Meet back up at Col. Summers at 7:30pm, we ride out from park at 8pm for a night with more bike fun at party location and performances by:

Karl & The Jerks(Garage Soul) Crank My Chain(rock'n'roll) Blake Hicks(Flatland) Nostalgia DMLH(Hip Hop, Tall Tour street team) Ivizia and special guest Jesus The Sexbots(sexy electro) DJ Sysfail playing dance music inbetween and after.

Sunday: Sunday of Slack Bar-BQ, come hangout with Dropouts and grill. Location: meetup at Col. Summers at 1:30pm, we ride at 2pm

Will have more info ASAP but mark your calendars.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thunder Twins review of FM transmitters on bike rides.

Thunder Twins has been bring sound systems on bike fun rides for about 5 years now in Portland and we have tried A LOT of different things and learned much. Pre-amps, amp/speaker configurations, splitters, and FM transmitter.
A lot of people have asked me about using FM transmitter on bike rides lately and I really have wanted it to work but have to say FM transmitters have a number of downsides that make them sort of lame especially for dance music.

Our Thunder Twins setup(3 or 4 sound systems) have experimented with FM since last year. At this point, we plan on using it for is our upcoming Dropout Bike In Filmfest April 16th but not planning for rides.

Stuff we use: 2 watt transmitter. Sounds systems range from 100 to 400 watts.

Why it sucks for bike rides:
1. Interference, lots of static. Cause everything is moving around. Even when people walk between the transmitter and receiver it will make some static.
2. You can't have sound source(aka magnets) near the transmitter, creates electro magnetic interference....noise.
3. Lack of Bass, even when setup in flat non moving place, there is a noticeable loss of bass response.
4. Noticeable delay, which has a few factors. Most digital music players have a conversion delay in FM receiver. So with a mix of digital and analog receivers it can sound like a racket. Mostly if there is one or two louder system.
5. Battery is Non regulated power, so as your battery get's lower it sounds worse. 6. Typically in a ride you go out of range, buildings, and etc.

In summary it just don't sound good.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recap: Feb. Dropout BC ride to Chariot Wars and MBW

First off, have to say Mini Bike Winter 8 was off the hook. Not surprising.

Chariot Wars was crazy and brutal,anybody that made it to the 2nd spot is a winner in my book. Rabbit and J-Rock made it down to the last few, pulled out by medics due to bad nose bleed. Justa and Esther also made a good run. Big ups to J-ryde and Lee for heading up organizing, and Goon Squad did a great job handling that unruly crowd keeping Chariot Wars rolling.

Though our brothers in North Freak "Bear Force One" where the last ones rolling.

Get the latest and greatest on Chariot Wars here

After Chariot Wars we rode to a spot not too far way and had a nice fire til 5am. Had a great time reminiscing with another dirty dozen zoobomber Eliza(currently of Derailers(SF)) about the first MBW and how big it has gotten from the handful of zoobombers to people coming from all over the country. Truly Rad America!

Should also announce, DOBC has a new prospect Georgia, she's been a hanger for awhile now, always positive, crafty, and fun. She's currently got a broken leg from urban pallet skiing last month but hopefully she will be back riding bikes soon. Though for now Buny, added a seat and hand cranks to Tom's cargo bike so she's still making it around by bike.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Swing Bike stolen, plus 6 frames and some wheels

**Notice for Bikes Stolen from Buny/Dag's place**

There are like 6 frames missing from a Dropout House in SE Portland. Nothing to be too upset about, maybe that one GT frame. Dags back wheel for his red chopper is also gone.

Especially be on the look out for Buny's old Swingbike(multiple colors) which is also missing, but we think this happened at a different time.