Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rides of Dropout - A 5th year celebration weekend

Dropout Bike Clubs 5th year anniversary, Rides of Dropout.

Come celebrate with a weekend of rides, bike events, performances, and surprises!


Club Ride Friday night

  • meetup at 9pm
  • Ride leaves at 10ish


Mobile Events - Saturday 2pm Col Summers, ride to locations

  • flag derby
  • tall bike egg/bean relay
  • ladd circle race
  • save the baby/firechicken
  • jousting
  • race riding different freak bikes (not your own!) race
  • tallbike mount/dismount contest (w/ celebrity judges)
  • barbeque at col summers then ride to party

Party meetup at 8pm at Col summer

Ride to party location with Sprockettes, Total recall, AZ the phonomancer, Sysfail, and more TBA


  • Dropout Sunday Slacker Ride: Theme: Sunday of Slack. Ride starts at Col. Summers at 2. Ending at Backyard bar-bq. Mystery location ride later with downhills, also close to Max if you want to go Zoobomb!!