Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recap: Feb. Dropout BC ride to Chariot Wars and MBW

First off, have to say Mini Bike Winter 8 was off the hook. Not surprising.

Chariot Wars was crazy and brutal,anybody that made it to the 2nd spot is a winner in my book. Rabbit and J-Rock made it down to the last few, pulled out by medics due to bad nose bleed. Justa and Esther also made a good run. Big ups to J-ryde and Lee for heading up organizing, and Goon Squad did a great job handling that unruly crowd keeping Chariot Wars rolling.

Though our brothers in North Freak "Bear Force One" where the last ones rolling.

Get the latest and greatest on Chariot Wars here

After Chariot Wars we rode to a spot not too far way and had a nice fire til 5am. Had a great time reminiscing with another dirty dozen zoobomber Eliza(currently of Derailers(SF)) about the first MBW and how big it has gotten from the handful of zoobombers to people coming from all over the country. Truly Rad America!

Should also announce, DOBC has a new prospect Georgia, she's been a hanger for awhile now, always positive, crafty, and fun. She's currently got a broken leg from urban pallet skiing last month but hopefully she will be back riding bikes soon. Though for now Buny, added a seat and hand cranks to Tom's cargo bike so she's still making it around by bike.

Sunday, February 6, 2011