Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Secret handshake

Didn't really happen but still funny.

Secret handshake

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dropout in Momentum

I think about 10 of us showed up for the Circus de Circling ride this last year. It's our 2nd maybe 3rd year of doing it.

Dead Buny on Parade

Monday, September 20, 2010

On the Horizon

Just a little update to keep all the hang around's up to date and mark your calenders.

October 10:
Freak Bike Fall moved back to weekend of Dropout Ride(Oct. 15th) so we are going to do it up big. We got a bunch of surprises that I'm sure will rock your socks off...hint hint. Saturday and Sunday are going to have a bunch of bike events, eating stuff, and fun too..we like that stuff.
Freak Bike Fall III

February 2011:
It's Mini Bike Winter and Chariot Wars was moved to Friday night this year. We are leading ride to Chariot Wars end spot. Meet at 9pm Col. Summers Park and ride at 10pm-ish. More than a spectator sport. Prepare for battle!

March 2011:
It's our Birthday, last year was our 5th which we made big noise about it and probably going to do something special again. More info TBA.

April 2011:
Dropout Bike Club is super excited to announce our first official Dropout Bike-In Film ride(April 15th). It's going to be all ages, 3 mile ride to outdoor location, and only accessible by bike or foot. Looking for submissions for short films.( Currently films from Dropout Bike Club, Dan Kaufman, Rev. Phil, Joe Biel, and B-media collective.
The ride will be leaving from Filmed By Bike. Clinton Theater at SE 26th and Clinton, at 10:30.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Tall Tour

Has it's own freaky blog of rockin out in public.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Monsters of Rock by Bike

Straight from the underground and into the street, Sysfail at Dropout R&D has been cooking up a plan to do it, in short "over the top". From the club that built the first wave of solid 400+ watt mobile sound systems four years ago, which have been feeding the fun movement of Zoobomb, WNBR, Critical mass, Monday Funday's, and too many rides too list.

But much like tall bikes, mobile sound systems have been popping up more and more this past year. Which now makes it possible to do something a few of us have been talking about since pedalpolooza 2 years ago.

The time has come for "MONSTERS OF ROCK BY BIKE!

So....we got a bunch of rad bands, dancers, and multiple mobile sound systems including Sysfail's new emergency broadcast PA(aka pepper PA). Now we are setting up a Portland Summer tour in the most fun rockin ride way possible.

"Total recall playing under Hawthorne bridge at Mini Bike Winter 7"

Currently the bands/performers are looking something like this:
Total Recall, Crank My Chain!, Lung Collapser, Riot Cop, Hammercize, members of Sprockettes, and more TBA.
Interested in performing please email: sysfail.dobc at gmail dot com

First tour date is May 16th in NE Portland, starting point TBA. Complete tour schedule to be posts ASAP.

Also Pedalpolooza is right around the corner, hope to see you all at Dropout Bike Club Ride.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rides of Dropout - A 5th year celebration weekend

Dropout Bike Clubs 5th year anniversary, Rides of Dropout.

Come celebrate with a weekend of rides, bike events, performances, and surprises!


Club Ride Friday night

  • meetup at 9pm
  • Ride leaves at 10ish


Mobile Events - Saturday 2pm Col Summers, ride to locations

  • flag derby
  • tall bike egg/bean relay
  • ladd circle race
  • save the baby/firechicken
  • jousting
  • race riding different freak bikes (not your own!) race
  • tallbike mount/dismount contest (w/ celebrity judges)
  • barbeque at col summers then ride to party

Party meetup at 8pm at Col summer

Ride to party location with Sprockettes, Total recall, AZ the phonomancer, Sysfail, and more TBA


  • Dropout Sunday Slacker Ride: Theme: Sunday of Slack. Ride starts at Col. Summers at 2. Ending at Backyard bar-bq. Mystery location ride later with downhills, also close to Max if you want to go Zoobomb!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mini Bike Winter 2010 Weekend

Mini Bike Winter 2010 is fast approaching. Here's the Saturday night party flyer looking quite amazing. Rumor has it we will have a frying booth.