Saturday, April 17, 2010

Monsters of Rock by Bike

Straight from the underground and into the street, Sysfail at Dropout R&D has been cooking up a plan to do it, in short "over the top". From the club that built the first wave of solid 400+ watt mobile sound systems four years ago, which have been feeding the fun movement of Zoobomb, WNBR, Critical mass, Monday Funday's, and too many rides too list.

But much like tall bikes, mobile sound systems have been popping up more and more this past year. Which now makes it possible to do something a few of us have been talking about since pedalpolooza 2 years ago.

The time has come for "MONSTERS OF ROCK BY BIKE!

So....we got a bunch of rad bands, dancers, and multiple mobile sound systems including Sysfail's new emergency broadcast PA(aka pepper PA). Now we are setting up a Portland Summer tour in the most fun rockin ride way possible.

"Total recall playing under Hawthorne bridge at Mini Bike Winter 7"

Currently the bands/performers are looking something like this:
Total Recall, Crank My Chain!, Lung Collapser, Riot Cop, Hammercize, members of Sprockettes, and more TBA.
Interested in performing please email: sysfail.dobc at gmail dot com

First tour date is May 16th in NE Portland, starting point TBA. Complete tour schedule to be posts ASAP.

Also Pedalpolooza is right around the corner, hope to see you all at Dropout Bike Club Ride.

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