Monday, October 10, 2011

Freak Bike Fall 2011

Freak Bike Fall 2011 Oct. 21-23

Freak Bike Fall is fun filled weekend organized by the Portland freak bike community and friends.

More events to be added soon, let's get the wheels rolling so the out of towners get a heads up.

*Alley Cat 8:15pm(if interested in doing stop talk to Dutch or Sam), meetup at Irving Park, will end at Dropout Ride meetup.
*Dropout Bike Club Ride, meet at Col. Summers Park at 9pm and we ride at 10pm to mystery location.
----Mid-ride performance by the Sprockettes
----Bike events during bands(Rabbit's Bike Tractor Pull, Freak Drag race, and more) ----Live music at 11 brought to you by the Tall Tour Crew with (Grrrl Friend, Saucy Yoda, Drew Slum, White Fang, The Wrong Kind, Feral Pigs)
----at 1am prepare to dance with disco lights and all that jazz.

Saturday: *11am to 2pm Brunch at Irondelles Ashley's, it's her Birthday too. SE 39th/Taylor. *4pm to 10pm Block Party with bands and beer host by Dead Baby BC. *10pm ride to Afterparty
Freak Bike Olympics & Bar-BQ
*2pm under Marquam Bridge on SE side next to Hawthorne Show off your projects, bar-bq, and fun bike events
*8pm Zoobomb!
*After races, movie at Elephant House hosted by Ashley.

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